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The Wisconsin Chapter is comprised of eight divisions, encompassing eight Local Unions. For a list of NECA members by division and specific information on each area, click on the division name or see our division map (both below).

NECA membership is voluntary, and the contractors who join NECA do so because they desire to be the best they can be. NECA contractors and their staff are highly trained in the latest technologies and set the standard for excellence in the electrical industry. Our aim is to guide consumers to choose a NECA contractor as the need arises for electrical work.

Wisconsin Chapter Divisions

Additional Chapter Resources

The Wisconsin Chapter also includes several AFFILIATE MEMBERS. These firms are not electrical contractors, but are directly involved in the electrical construction industry, such as supply companies, and architect and engineering firms.

Click on the map to view division information.

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  • Association Executives Institute (AEI)
    02/21/2024 - 02/23/2024
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  • Council on Industrial Relations (CIR)
    05/21/2024 - 05/23/2024

  • 2024 Summer Meeting
    07/26/2024 - 07/28/2024
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