Chapter Officers


Bob Van ErtWausau2018 to present
Mark HadyWatertown2013 to 2017
Gerald SchulzNeenah2008 to 2012
Ron JahnkeMadison2004 to 2007
Bruce CompanikOshkosh2001 to 2003
Jerome HillMadison1984 to 2001
Robert BohmRacine1983
William PlummerMadison1968 thru 1982
Harold BreibyMadison1964 thru 1967
C.R. StocksEau Claire1963


John GerlachSt. Croix Falls2018 to present
Robert Van ErtWausau2013 to 2017
Mark HadyWatertown2010 to 2012
Bernie CleppeSturtevant2008 to 2009
Gerald SchulzNeenah2004 to 2007
Ronald JahnkeMadison2001 to 2003
Merlin BaenenGreen Bay2000
Jack PapenfussLa Crosse1997 thru 1999
Gil BakkeWaterford1994 thru 1996
Tom NewtonWausau1992 thru 1993
Bruce CompanikOshkosh1989 thru 1991
Gene RoshellChippewa Falls1984 thru 1988
Don McGrathJanesville1983
Norb JackAppleton1978 thru 1982
Robert G. BohmRacine1971 thru 1977
Don AndersonGreen Bay1969 thru 1970
Joe RoshellChippewa Falls1966 thru 1968
John W. NashRacine1965
William ShermanEau Claire1964
Bob ToppMadison1963

Vice President

John DesensMadison2018 to present
John GerlachSt. Croix Falls2014 to 2017
Darrell BraunMadison2013
Robert Van ErtWausau2010 to 2012
Mark HadyWatertown2008 to 2009
Arlan HansonOsceola2001 to 2007
Ronald JahnkeMadison2000
Bruce CompanikOshkosh1997 thru 1999
Jim CassMadison1994 thru 1996
Gil BakkeWaterford1993
Bruce CompanikOshkosh1992
Tom NewtonWausau1989 thru 1991
Bruce CompanikOshkosh1983 thru 1988
Ward WiltonKenosha1982
Lyle KlemishChippewa Falls1978 thru 1981
Eugene DouglasJanesville1971 thru 1977
Carl VanderheidenMenominee, MI1969 thru 1970
Perry BentheimerTomah1967 thru 1968
Jerome HillMadison1964 thru 1966
John NashRacine1963


Steve FoleyBeloit2018 to present
John DesensMadison2016 to 2017
Greg DewitzKenosha2014 to 2015
John GerlachSt. Croix Falls2013
Darrell BraunMadison2011 to 2012
Joel WestphalGreen Bay2006 to 2010
Timothy PadeskyLa Crosse2004 to 2005
Gerald SchulzNeenah2003
Robert EbbersBurlington2000 to 2002
Merle BaenenGreen Bay1997 thru 1999
Jack PapenfussLa Crosse1994 thru 1996
Jim CassMadison1991 thru 1993
John WestphalJanesville1989 thru 1990
Jim CassMadison1985 thru 1988
Gordon ChristensenMadison1984
Jerome HillMadison1983
Quinton J. KolbMadison1974 thru 1982
Robert J. NicklesMadison1968 thru 1973
William PlummerMadison1967
Jack NardiKenosha1965 thru 1966
Fred T. WestphalJanesville1963 thru 1964

Executive Vice Presidents

Loyal O'Leary2005 to present
Mark Thomas2001 - 2005
Ron Steiner1986 - 2001
E.A. Busch1973 - 1986
Harold Breiby1967 - 1972
Ernest P. Dixon1963 - 1967

The following members have served on the Chapter Board of Directors over the past years as representatives of their respective divisions.

Madison Division

John DesensWestphal & Co.2014 to Present
Darrell BraunBraun Electric Corp.2006 to 2013
Tim RichardsStaff Electric2004 to 2005
Ronald JahnkeNickles Electric1998 to 2003
John HyattEndres Electric1997
Jim CassWestphal & Company1985 thru 1996
Gordon ChristensonR.J. Nickles Electric1984
Quinton J. KolbArrow Electric, Inc.1974 thru 1982
Robert J. NicklesR.J. Nickles Electric1968 thru 1973
William PlummerH & H Electric, Inc.1967
Jerome HillHill Electric, Inc.1964 thru 1966 & 1983
Robert ToppTopp Electric Co., Inc.1963

Indianhead Division

John GerlachNEI Electric2010 to Present
Arlan HansonA.A. Hanson Electric, Inc.1998 to 2009
Gene RoshellRoshell Electric, Inc.1982 to 1998
Lyle KlemishIndustrial Electric, Inc.1969 thru 1981
Joseph RoshellRoshell Electric, Inc.1965 thru 1968
William ShermanSherman Electric, Inc.1963 thru 1964

Northeastern Division

Jim Eland IIEland Electric Corp.2011 to Present
Joel WestphalQWEST Electric2003 to 2010
Merle BaenenBaenen Electric1987 to 2003
Jerry DiedrichsCrafts Electric, Inc.1975 thru 1986

Northeastern (Green Bay) Division

Don AndersonAnderson Electric1963 thru 1974

Northeastern (Marinette- Menominee) Division

Carl VanderheidenV & M Electric1967 thru 1974

Northeastern (Manitowoc – Two Rivers) Division

Jerry DiedrichsCrafts Electric, Inc.1973 & 1974
Edwin GorychkaAnderson Electric1970 thru 1972
Jerry DiedrichsCrafts Electric, Inc.1969
Edwin GorychkaAnderson Electric1966 thru 1968
Fred WegnerLakeside Electric1965
Jerry DiedrichsCrafts Electric, Inc1963 thru 1964

Janesville/Beloit Division

Steve FoleyFoley Electric, Inc.2013 to Present
Mark HadyHady Electric, Inc.2003 to 2012
Robert EbbersRewald Electric Co., Inc.1996 to 2002
John WestphalWestphal & Co., Inc.1987 thru 1996
Steve HayesW.J. Allan Electric, Inc.1985 & 1986
Donald McGrathMcGrath Electric, Inc.1981 thru 1984
Fred T. WesthpalWestphal Electric Co., Inc.1978 thru 1980
Eugene DouglasDouglas Electric, Inc.1969 thru 1977
Richard PieperPieper Electric, Inc.1967 & 1968
Eugene DouglasDouglas Electric, Inc.1965 & 1966
Fred T. WestphalWestphal Electric Co., Inc.1963 & 1964

Kenosha Division

Todd WintersPieper Electric, Inc.2016 to Present
Greg DewitzGreat Lakes Electric2007 to 2015
Frank HoffmanMagaw Electric1994 thru 2006
Larry ZirbelZirbel Electric1988 thru 1993
Bob HallCountywide Electric1986 thru 1987
Neal RuseckiRusecki Electric1985
Mel HouchE.C.I. Electric, Inc.1983 thru 1984
Ward WiltonWilton Electric1975 thru 1982
Frank GagliardiGagliardi Electric1972 thru 1974
Dave SpeakerDave Speaker Co.1970 thru 1971
Larry ZirbelZirbel Electric1967 thru 1969
Jack NardiNardi Electric1964 thru 1966

Racine Division

Jay DattElectrical Systems & Services2011 to Present
Bernie CleppeRoman Electric, Co.2006 to 2010
Gil BakkeBakke Electric1990 to 2005
Robert G. Bohm (Jr.)Bohm Electric, Inc.1984 thru 1989
Ed SondergaardSondergaard Electric1983
Robert G. Bohm (Jr.)Bohm Electric, Inc.1970 thru 1982
Robert J. Bohm (Sr.)Bohm Electric, Inc.1966 thru 1969
John NashMagaw Electric, Inc.1963 thru 1965

Wisconsin Valley (Combined) Division

Mike NewtonNewton Electric Corp.2018 to present
Robert Van ErtVan Ert Electric Co., Inc.2005 to 2017
Tom NewtonNewton Electric1987 to 2004
Mel Van ErtVan Ert Electric, Inc.1975 thru 1986

Wisconsin Valley (Tri-County) Division

Mel Van ErtVan Ert Electric1970 thru 1974
George ThomasThomas Electric1963 thru 1969

Wisconsin Valley (Wausau) Division

Dave DetjensDetjens Electric1969 thru 1974
James LaszewskiM & S Electric1966 thru 1968
Harold Leland1965

La Crosse Division

Tim PadeskyT.D. Electric, Inc.2002 to Present
Jack PapenfussPapenfuss Electric1983 to 2002
Ronald WehrsWehrs Electric1981 & 1982
John HansonHanson Electric1976 thru 1981
Ronald WehrsWehrs Electric1973 thru 1975
Frank NeumannNeumann Electric1972
John MaderMader Electric1969 thru 1971
Perry Bentheimer1965 thru 1968

Fox Valley Division

Dan SheaShea Electric & Communications, LLC2012 to Present
Larry NavarreteExcellence Electric2008 to 2012
Gerald SchulzMichels Power2001 to 2007
Bruce CompanikPieper Electric1983 to 2000
Norb JackSuperior Electric1977 thru 1982
Clyde StephensonStephenson Electric1975 & 1976
Lloyd JackSuperior Electric1972 thru 1974
Roland Muschinski1967 & 1968


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